CBOE Bitcoin futures price

CBOE Bitcoin futures price

1. The total value of the global digital money market is 546.903 billion US dollars (- 5.04%), and thCBOE Bitcoin futures pricee 24-hour trading volume is 70.711 billion US dollars (+ 25.65%).

Hayden Adams, founder of uniswap, tweeted: it has been a week since liquidity mining stopped, and uniswap still has $1.75 billion in liquidity and $430 million in 24-hour trading volume. Three months ago, there were no sushiswap and uni liquidity incentives at that time, with only $300 million in liquidity and 150 million daily trading volume. It's really cool.

According to the official information of Iost, Iost will be launched on the coinbig trading platform on December 15 to open the Iost / usdt trading pair. At the same time, in order to celebrate the launch of Iost, 100000 Iost welfare airdrop activities were launched simultaneously.

According to China business daily on November 28, Zou Chuanwei, chief economist of Wanxiang blockchain, said that the advantages of digital RMB as the central bank's currency, such as security, controllable anonymity, transaction as settlement and dual offline payment, will attract people to use. However, blockchain technology is neither a sufficient condition nor a necessary condition for digital RMB. He believes that the current performance and security of blockchain technology are not enough to support a retail type of central bank digital currency such as digital RMB.

According to Reuters on November 20, Alex mashinsky, chief executive of Celsius network, an encryption lending platform, said that,

1. The total value of the global digital money market is 466.223 billion US dollars (- 1.24%), and the 24-hour trading volume is 48.464 billion US dollars (- 8.8CBOE Bitcoin futures price7%).

Among them, the user ranking the first in activity points will be awarded 3000usdt equivalent BTC, and the top 10 users will be divided into 10000usdt equivalent BTC; the rest users will be rewarded according to the proportion of personal invitation points in the total points at the end of the activity, and the equivalent BTC of 50000usdt will be divided.

The core of Elysia is the certificated real estate ownership agreement. We have begun to integrate with the world's leading decentralized Oracle network chainlink to value the real estate on the main network and calculate the dividend distribution of the token holders. Elysia's decentralised real estate platform allows users to buy a pass that represents the ownership of a property and pay dividends to the pass holder when the underlying property generates income. Elysia uses the chainlink Oracle to provide users with accurate portfolio valuations, which are calculated based on fair market prices, and then pay dividends to pass holders.