Is Bitcoin mining profitable anymore

Is Bitcoin mining profitable anymore

According to the daily hodl, the glassnode data shows that bitcoin investors are willing to sell some ofIs Bitcoin mining profitable anymore their bitcoin holdings. When the price of bitcoin reaches $13500, investors holding 0.1 to 1 bitcoin begin to sell bitcoin. Investors with one to 10 bitcoins will sell for $15200. When bitcoin reached $18000, large investors with 100 to 1000 bitcoins began to sell bitcoin. As for those who bought more than 1000 bitcoin, they still refused to sell at the peak.

Qin Jianxin, CEO of cryptoart and linkart, and Heifeng li of DEGO China will be interviewed live in Chinese by cointegraph at 19:00 on December 3 to discuss the future of the combination of NFT and artists and blockchain technology.

Bitfly, the parent company of ethermine, has just tweeted that there are more Ethereum nodes than bitcoin nodes. There are 11137 Ethereum nodes and 10981 bitcoin nodes.

It is reported that ZBG is committed to building a learning community, and invited big names and market analysts to stay in the community to answer questions. Every week, the government will launch "contract intelligence station", "contract bigwig talk", "contract currency course" and other dry goods content sharing. For more details, please refer to the notice on ZBG website. Front (frontier) will be opened at 12:00 on November 25 (today). The voting will end at 10:00 on November 26. The $60000 front super benefits include: (1) in this round of voting, users participating in voting can share a total of 150000 front airdrop awards; (2) the top 100 net recharges of front share 19500 front airdrops; (3) the top 100 net recharge of front will enjoy 3000 more fronts; (4) each person will receive another 30 fronts (about $10) by registering with friends.

According to the economic information daily on December 2, Kang Luzhi, senior analyst of firecoin, said that bitcoin's price hit a new high, which was driven by the market of halving the output in the large cycle. The market will not continue to rise, breaking the record high does not mean that the market will continue to rise all the way. Buying will have a strong psychological impact on investors. It is worth noting that the biggest difference between this round of halving and before is the obvious institutional participation. ThIs Bitcoin mining profitable anymoree law of health reminds us that unilateral upward market is not a healthy performance of the market, so market participants should pay attention to risk control in the near future.

According to the currency world market, as of 10:00 today, the top three net capital inflows are eth (+ 91.2299 million US dollars), BTC (+ 31.5829 million US dollars) and XRP (+ 17.058 million US dollars); the top three net capital outflows are fil (- 4.487 million US dollars), usdt (- 3.156 million US dollars) and XmR (- 1.9354 million US dollars).