Bitcoin equipment

Bitcoin equipment

"The hardware is relatively cheap. You can buy 300 pieces of Raspberry Pi, and less than 300 pieces of 1T second-hand hard drives." Kean said, "But software installation requires dozeBitcoin equipmentns of steps, and it is difficult to install smoothly without a little professional knowledge. A lot of the software update of Lightning Network is done by foreign volunteers. Some software is updated, and the old construction tutorial cannot be updated in time, so Xiaobai is stuck."

The second question is a more important question. If the currency does not maintain the code base like Bitcoin, then it will face greater risks. This could be a smaller development team, less developer activity, or lower quality of merge pull requests. We can evaluate changes to the code since the fork to determine the underlying technical reality. This is also expensive and slow, so most people don't do it.

DMMS is a digital signature, which consists of a group of signers with no fixed size. Bitcoin's block header is DMMS, because their Proof of Work (PoW) has the property that anyone can contribute without a registration process. In addition, the weight of the contribution is determined by computing power, rather than a threshold signature contribution of each participant, which allows anonymous members not to be exposed to Sybil attacks (when a participant joins multiple times and has a disproportionate input to the signature Time). Therefore, DMMS has also been described as a solution to the Byzantine Generals problem.

The current war has no big differences on the economic level: there is no direct conflict of interest, and they are all trying to achieve the world currency goal by expanding capacity. This dispute is a power struggle based on differences in ideas. Those who lack political experience and do not understand ideological differences have difficulty seeing the nature of war and making judgments.

The opposition started before Buterin's recent proposal. For example, Zamfir has publicly opposed restrictions on the issuance of ether. In an interview with the media in February, Zamfir described the discussion as a bike-shedding. He said:

The last reason for the frequent hard forks of currencies is that the development team regards the creation of a new currency as the sole purpose. Most projects in the cryptocurrency community are based on open source, which makes it possible to view their code and use it to create new tokens. The child chain may have similarities to the parent chain, but it usually has different characteristics that its developers consider a necessary upgrade. New tokens usually try Bitcoin equipmentto distinguish them from the parent chain currency by their name and brand.

Many people in the BCH community are indeed afraid of possible forks. For this reason, they strive to maintain neutrality, play down differences, try to reach a reconciliation between the two sides, maintain community unity, and even compare war to the behavior of fighting each other on the road (the so-called cowardly game). ), calling on both sides to bravely compromise.